Hello I’m Pauline! I’m a 27 year old living and working in Perth, Western Australia with my Husband and three Pomeranians. I’ve always had a passion for the beauty and fashion industry and all round girlie loveliness so I decided to start up this blog as my creative outlet to share my thoughts and pretty finds with like-minded people like you!

Who am I? I would say I am a happy, colour loving, down-to-earth, coffee-obsessed, makeup loving, determined, dog lover with a passionate shopping habit (Hello Becky Bloomwood. No really - I'm not that bad! I'm just a believer in a good deal or two). I believe in looking for the beauty in others, spreading good karma and making the most of this beautiful life we have.

Within this blog you can trust that you’ll find honest, down-to-earth and practical advice. I love sharing my thoughts on new beauty finds, fashion inspiration and outfit of the days, shopping advice (I love sharing a good bargain) and everyday lifestyle topics from my own experiences. My loyalty to my readers far outweighs any opportunity – I would never post about something I didn’t genuinely love or use myself.

Style Instinct is your one-stop stylish hub for all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle related. I hope you enjoy your stay here!

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    1. Hi Lilya,

      So sorry for the delay in responding. I would love to review both of those tanning products - please feel free to email me at instinctofstyle@gmail.com to discuss more.



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