January 9, 2015

Fake Bake Flawless Darker {REVIEW}

There’s no denying how amazing a little fake tan can make you feel. I’ll be honest, I started experimenting with fake tans years, and years ago (the ripe young age of 13) and I’ve been hooked ever since. For someone who is naturally pale and burns within five minutes in our great Aussie sun (thanks to my Scottish heritage), I’m always on the hunt for the next best product that’s going to give me a golden, natural, sweet smelling tan. I’ve pretty much tried them all: St. Tropez (love), Le Te (an old fave), L'Oréal (dislike – hello oompa loompa), Palmers lotion (an old love for a gradual tan but I can’t stand the after smell now), Model Co (tried all of them and love the after colour but the formula doesn't last long on me) – the list can go on and on.

I’ve wanted to try the Fake Bake range for ages. It’s been in the U.K. for years with every celebrity over there non-stop raving about it. Even my favourite YouTubers were onto it years ago but it’s never been available here in Australia until recently when Priceline got onto it. Whenever I can I love to get professionally tanned at my favourite salon (Fake Bake Hair and Beauty Boutique), it’s easy, there’s no mess and you’re in and out. But it is such a luxury so if I can do it myself and get five or so applications for the price of one then I’m all over it!

Before & After
I applied the product straight after my shower and before bed as I find it’s easier to let it develop overnight. But either way, the product dries really quickly and does not rub off onto your clothes. The glove included with the tan has this amazing soft quality which I love. It blends the product much better than any other cheapie gloves I’ve used in the past. It does soak up the product quite a bit though due to the sponge like material so I’ve started dampening the glove slightly before using so it doesn’t absorb as much. I then apply the product straight to my body and buff in circular motions. The instant colour is a huge help in ensuring you get an even application. Fake Bake recommends applying the tan at least two-three times to get your desired colour however I find the colour takes pretty well to my skin so once is enough for me. I’ve found that having well moisturised skin prior to applying does wonders for this. It’s definitely my new favourite.



  • Value for money, for $39 I can get at least five applications and it includes a mitt
  • Dries and blends easily
  • Zero colour transfer onto clothes
  • Dark instant colour pay-off
  • Pleasant tropical scent that smells like coconut oil
  • Contains no parabens and safe for all skin types


  • Minor, but I find the spray bottle a little awkward. I’ve always been a fan of the mousse varieties so this would be my preference for next time.


Have you tried the Fake Bake tan range? Let me know your thoughts. I’m desperate to try the other varieties!


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