September 22, 2013

A Whole Lot of Dotti: Spring Fashion Haul

When I least expect it, I always come across the best bargains. Exhibit one; the below jacket. Inspired by Laura at buy now, blog later, I've had these sequin sleeves on my mind for quite some while. Two weeks ago when I was on my lunch break, I popped to the shops to have a wander about and I saw the jacket in Dotti on sale for around $50. Without thinking, I grabbed my size but then I felt guilty because I had already spent a bit that week on various bits and bobs so I put it down. So I waited. And two days ago I ended up getting it for $21 as they had an extra 30% off sale items > It was meant to be. 

I wore this jacket yesterday {lookbook coming up!} and I felt amazing. Sparkle just makes your day 110% better. I love the mix of khaki and gold, the whole look is just so unexpected and I love that in an outfit. 

And then I was on a roll. I just happened to be at another Dotti the day later with my bestie {Style Couture Beauty} and they had even more stock. So I scooped up all three of these bottoms for $13 each. Amazing.

Now onto the accessories. 

 I've just realised I have a bit of an obsession with animal print. From blouses, to bangles and scarfs, and now to cross-body satchels, I just love how leopard print in particular evokes glamour - of course when it's done right and in small doses. 

Like a magpie, my eyes instantly landed on this little number from Sportsgirl and I was amazed that it was only $19.99 (50% off). The quality is great - I'm really impressed with it and I know I'll be able to wear it with quite a few outfit combinations.

When at the counter, I also scored the above sunnies. I've been searching for a style like this for a while after my beloved Prada's were left in a back seat of a taxi. With sunglasses, it's either a yes or a no and these are definitely a yes. They're amazing - I love them. 

Yes, these are on top of the ones I posted a few days ago on Instagram {Search: Style Instinct}! A girl can never have too many options. Now I can never say, I don't have any rings to go with my outfit.

So there you have it - my recent finds over the last few days! All justified as they were all on sale at amazing prices. Yes, this is exactly what I tell my boyfriend when I waltz in with all my bags. 

Let me know if you've scooped up anything in the sales at the moment! They're dangerous I tell you. 



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