January 30, 2013

{ Recent Purchases }

Don't you just love long weekends? Australia Day has just passed and I had such a lovely and eventful time with friends celebrating and drinking whilst on my friends Hens. Though it was hot, the weather was truly Australia! 

So Monday came and my Mum and I decided to meet up for some coffee and cake and some girly chats...I really wasn't planning to buy anything but you know me, can't resist a bargain when I see one, or ten! We ended up walking away with mountains of bags between us. Now you know where I get my shopaholic tendencies from!

Here's what I got...so impressed with my buys.
| Necklaces: Colette |

If you know me, you know I love a good statement piece. I love how you could be wearing the most boring outfit and then boom, you put a statement piece on and you look completely pulled together. I love the power of accessories. 

 | Clutch: Forever New |

I am SO in love with this! It goes perfect with my faux leather bracelet I featured here.

 | Tops L-R: Valleygirl |

All of these were under $10 each...! So good! A lot of people are amazed when I tell them an item I'm wearing is actually from Valleygirl. I don't shop there a lot, but occasionally I will find the cutest items that are as good of quality as say Forever New. You've really just got to keep an eye out and dig deep :)

 | Polka Dots: BigW , Rose Gold Jeans: Ally |

So these won't be for everyone, but I can't wait to wear these jeans in Autumn/Winter! Especially the rose gold pair I scored for $4.99! 

 | Skirt: Valleygirl |

I love the metallic finish on this skirt. It actually came with a belt but I took it off because it was a bit cheap looking.

| Skirt: Forever New |

This skirt is so bright in real life and is really flattering. Perfect colour to finish this last month of summer off!

That's it! I really need to stop myself buying...even if it is a bargain because I literally cannot fit any more into my current wardrobe! My boyfriend doesn't know if it's such a good idea that I have my own wardrobe in our new house and the fact that it's maybe triple the size of my current space. You know my thoughts :)  

P.s, sorry for the quality of these pics...the lighting at night time is horrible!

Hope you're all having an amazing last week of January! 



  1. love all these purchases and your blog! check mine out if you have the chance xx


    1. Thanks Maddy! Love your sequin shorts in your most recent post!!


  2. Yay i love everything u bought once again lol love the forever new skit i tried it on but it was full price and could justify the $69.95 lol Love the jeans bargin price.

    1. Haha yay glad you love my shopping haul. SO weird, the Forever New skirt scanned up at $39.99...It must have had the wrong barcode! Love those moments. Excited to see you and the girls tomorrow lovely xo

  3. that clutch is an absolute beauty!!

    new follower here :) lovely blog hun.



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