October 29, 2013

{Recent Outfit} Wearing My Pink Pants Proud

These pink trousers make quite a statement! I can always rely on them to put me in a good mood, particularly on Monday's. 

Here's the lowdown:

What I'm Wearing > {Blouse} Sportsgirl, {Trousers} H&M, {Handbag} Sportsgirl, {Rings} Lovisa, {Nails} Shellac.

Don't forget to leave me your blog address in the comments below, I'd love to check out a few new ones. Have a fab week!


October 28, 2013

Radiant Bronzed Glow > Innoxa Beauty Review

I've always been partial to a little bronzer - it's the ultimate pick-me-up and who doesn't love its ability to highlight and define the face and décolletage. Up until now, I have also leaned and been dependent on a pressed/powder bronzer to achieve definition and boy have have I been missing out! Enter now > Innoxa's Skin Perfecting products

Recently I discovered that 50-60% of everything we put onto our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream - this is probably a known fact but it's something  that I've avoided looking more into, probably because of fear. However, after hours of researching the effects of chemicals in our body and the top bad boys, I instantly was on the lookout to convert to chemical free beauty, skincare and haircare products or at least try to remove the most dangerous chemicals from my routine. I won't go into too much detail as that's for another day, but it's amazing the chemicals we unknowingly put into our bodies and their effects.

So with that bit of background and when the lovely people over at Innoxa recently asked if I would be interested in trying out the below products, I of course said yes as their new range is paraben, fragrance and oil free, plus, their against testing on animals which makes me happy. 

Here's my thoughts:

  • I love the zero effort sun kissed glow the bronzer gives off. Perfect to be applied as an all over bronzer or just under the cheekbones, the bronzing creme spreads easily to create warmth and depth. The lighter shade/illuminator, is the perfect complement to the bronzing creme and naturally emphasises the cheek and eyebrow bones.
  • The green tea, chamomile and vitamin E extract in both products make my skin feel super smooth and hydrated.
  • They're a great base product before foundation and pressed bronzer - I found that my attempts at a sun kissed glow were achieved with ease and lasted a lot longer.

  • I loved that this is a primer and concealer in one. Not only do the matte and lightweight ingredients create a perfectly prepped base before foundation, but the light reflecting pigments help to reduce the few fines lines I have under my eyes.
  • Don't be daunted by the small package, a little goes a long way with this product.
  • Works well with touch ups - I applied this product after work one day to refresh under my eyes and minimise shine and you would never be able to tell.

If you're interested, definitely go and check out your nearest Priceline and Myer store to scoop up these products just before Summer. They're now a regular part of my routine!


    September 23, 2013

    Lookbook: The Sequin Sleeve Jacket

    What I'm Wearing: 

    Jacket: Dotti {Currently on sale}

    Top: New Look

    Scarf: Dotti {Currently on sale}

    Jeans: Temt

    Rings: Lovisa

    As promised, the sequin sleeve jacket in action! This jacket isn't for the faint hearted > but I just LOVE the combination. It's gorgeous.

    Let me know if you have this jacket or even better link me to your outfit post! I'd love to see how you styled it. I hope you've all had a great start to the week! 


    September 22, 2013

    A Whole Lot of Dotti: Spring Fashion Haul

    When I least expect it, I always come across the best bargains. Exhibit one; the below jacket. Inspired by Laura at buy now, blog later, I've had these sequin sleeves on my mind for quite some while. Two weeks ago when I was on my lunch break, I popped to the shops to have a wander about and I saw the jacket in Dotti on sale for around $50. Without thinking, I grabbed my size but then I felt guilty because I had already spent a bit that week on various bits and bobs so I put it down. So I waited. And two days ago I ended up getting it for $21 as they had an extra 30% off sale items > It was meant to be. 

    I wore this jacket yesterday {lookbook coming up!} and I felt amazing. Sparkle just makes your day 110% better. I love the mix of khaki and gold, the whole look is just so unexpected and I love that in an outfit. 

    And then I was on a roll. I just happened to be at another Dotti the day later with my bestie {Style Couture Beauty} and they had even more stock. So I scooped up all three of these bottoms for $13 each. Amazing.

    Now onto the accessories. 

     I've just realised I have a bit of an obsession with animal print. From blouses, to bangles and scarfs, and now to cross-body satchels, I just love how leopard print in particular evokes glamour - of course when it's done right and in small doses. 

    Like a magpie, my eyes instantly landed on this little number from Sportsgirl and I was amazed that it was only $19.99 (50% off). The quality is great - I'm really impressed with it and I know I'll be able to wear it with quite a few outfit combinations.

    When at the counter, I also scored the above sunnies. I've been searching for a style like this for a while after my beloved Prada's were left in a back seat of a taxi. With sunglasses, it's either a yes or a no and these are definitely a yes. They're amazing - I love them. 

    Yes, these are on top of the ones I posted a few days ago on Instagram {Search: Style Instinct}! A girl can never have too many options. Now I can never say, I don't have any rings to go with my outfit.

    So there you have it - my recent finds over the last few days! All justified as they were all on sale at amazing prices. Yes, this is exactly what I tell my boyfriend when I waltz in with all my bags. 

    Let me know if you've scooped up anything in the sales at the moment! They're dangerous I tell you. 


    May 12, 2013

    Lookbook: Polka Dot Party

    What I'm Wearing:

    I wore this yesterday (Saturday) while I was out and about shopping (and window shopping) for home-wares for our new house. I absolutely love this blouse! I bought it while I was on a work trip in Hong Kong a couple of weeks ago and knew straight away that I had to buy it. Of course the polka dots won me over but I actually love the fit of these blouses, they're so easy to wear and the quality is amazing...I have the same style in a leopard print design which is a few years old and it still looks brand new. 

    I hope you've all had a great weekend (and Happy Mother's Day to all the Mums!) Colin and myself had the most amazing meal at Hippo Creek last night and then we may or may not have had San Churro's for dessert...totally worth the calories! I think I had more chocolate than the actual churros! Complete yumminess on chilly nights. 

    P.s...can I just say how excited I am that I can start breaking out the semi-winter clothes? YAY love it!

    (Click the links to go to the website)

    Zara Polka Dot Blouse: Buy it! You'll love it, I promise :)

    Forever New Jeans: I have worn these jeans to death. I received them for my birthday and they're that comfortable that they've beat the fit of my J-Brands.

    Zara Ankle Boots: Another great Zara purchase! I think I scored these for $30 or so.

    Forever New Handbag: A recent present from the boyfriend. He done well!

    Jewellery: Colette Necklace, H&M Ring and Bracelets, Earrings were a present.

    Have a great night lovelies - what ever you're up to!


    February 4, 2013

    {Weekend Outfit} All that Glitters

    This weekend we had our friend's wedding, which I love dressing up for. It was the most beautiful day/night and we celebrated with great people. I bought this dress a couple of week's ago and scored it for an unbelievable price. $110 reduced down to $10...yes! This is probably my proudest bargain this summer. It was so comfy and I just loved the little cap sleeves.
    | Dress: Sportsgirl |

    I searched high and low for this pair of heels in my size. I ended up getting the last 9 in Australia after driving all over Perth. So happy with them, I felt like they just added that little bit extra to my otherwise classic outfit. 

    | Heels: Zu Shoes |

    Sparkle, Sparkle, Sparkle!! 

    I spotted this clutch on my lunch break in (one of my many trips into) Forever New and fell in love with its pure girly delights. So gorgeous and very me :)
    { Image taken from my Instagram. Follow me at StyleInstinct }
    | Clutch: Forever New |
    | Earrings: Forever New |
    | Necklace: Colette |

    {Hope you all had a great weekend!!}


    January 31, 2013

    Currently Obsessed With...

    I bought these while I was in Hong Kong last year and have been wearing them non stop since. They are so lightweight and fit my face perfectly! I have such a thing for gold accents. I would definitely recommend them if you're looking for a new pair. 

    I recently switched iPhone cases after the rhinestone one I showed here kept falling apart :( I love that my case always matches my outfit now :)

    I didn't make New Year Resolutions, but I did know that I wanted to get back on track with my healthy eating, I was just waiting to get back in the frame of mind to really commit to it. I became a lifetime member at Weight Watchers last year, but with the stress of my last semester at uni I put nearly all the weight I lost back on. But I'm back on track and so far I've lost 4kgs! 

    I have been wearing this bangle ALL the time! I have to stop myself sometimes because I swear some people must think this is the only piece of jewellery I own! Leopard goes with everything...love it!

    I bought this foundation about a month ago after hearing great reviews on YouTube and I've been really loving it as a cheap day-to-day foundation. It provides medium coverage and instantly brightens and evens out my skin, which is perfect for those early morning starts. I wear the shade 303 True Nude for those wondering. 

    My boyfriend bought me this for Christmas as he saw I already had her Style Book (He's so good!) and I've loved looking through the pictures lately. I've always loved Lauren's style and personality, she's just normal and seems so down to earth. 

    |These are the items I have been reaching for most lately. What about you? Do you have or like anything I mentioned?|

    P.s so excited it's nearly the weekend! I think a four day working week should be made permanent. 


    January 30, 2013

    { Recent Purchases }

    Don't you just love long weekends? Australia Day has just passed and I had such a lovely and eventful time with friends celebrating and drinking whilst on my friends Hens. Though it was hot, the weather was truly Australia! 

    So Monday came and my Mum and I decided to meet up for some coffee and cake and some girly chats...I really wasn't planning to buy anything but you know me, can't resist a bargain when I see one, or ten! We ended up walking away with mountains of bags between us. Now you know where I get my shopaholic tendencies from!

    Here's what I got...so impressed with my buys.
    | Necklaces: Colette |

    If you know me, you know I love a good statement piece. I love how you could be wearing the most boring outfit and then boom, you put a statement piece on and you look completely pulled together. I love the power of accessories. 

     | Clutch: Forever New |

    I am SO in love with this! It goes perfect with my faux leather bracelet I featured here.

     | Tops L-R: Valleygirl |

    All of these were under $10 each...! So good! A lot of people are amazed when I tell them an item I'm wearing is actually from Valleygirl. I don't shop there a lot, but occasionally I will find the cutest items that are as good of quality as say Forever New. You've really just got to keep an eye out and dig deep :)

     | Polka Dots: BigW , Rose Gold Jeans: Ally |

    So these won't be for everyone, but I can't wait to wear these jeans in Autumn/Winter! Especially the rose gold pair I scored for $4.99! 

     | Skirt: Valleygirl |

    I love the metallic finish on this skirt. It actually came with a belt but I took it off because it was a bit cheap looking.

    | Skirt: Forever New |

    This skirt is so bright in real life and is really flattering. Perfect colour to finish this last month of summer off!

    That's it! I really need to stop myself buying...even if it is a bargain because I literally cannot fit any more into my current wardrobe! My boyfriend doesn't know if it's such a good idea that I have my own wardrobe in our new house and the fact that it's maybe triple the size of my current space. You know my thoughts :)  

    P.s, sorry for the quality of these pics...the lighting at night time is horrible!

    Hope you're all having an amazing last week of January! 


    January 29, 2013

    Review | Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadow

    Just before the New Year, I was on one of my many trips into Priceline and saw the promotional stand for the somewhat new Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadow, as soon as I walked down the makeup isle. I was instantly drawn to the below colour, 25 'Bad to the Bronze', as it's such an easy to wear shade and with the high temps we have been having lately, I was keen to give it a try.

    Well, I have really put this product to the test this month. It has been worn every other day, day and night, through humidity and all, and it has stayed true to its promise. I have been most impressed with the colour pay off and how easy it is to use. The texture is smooth and applies like a dream, it's fool proof. I feel like it actually makes my other eyeshadows I haven't been that keen on, look incredibly better.  

     I would definitely give this a try if you're after a great base that will last all day. I've already got 'Bold Gold' and 'Edgy Emerald' next on my list :) 

    { Have your tried this product and do you love it? I would to hear your colour recommendations! }


    January 24, 2013

    Shellac \ \ Masquerade

    I wish I could say I was one of those girls that loved painting their nails, truth is...I don't have the patience for it! Don't get me wrong, I love nothing more than changing up my polish every week and wearing the latest, brightest, most sparkliest colours I can find, but I just can't be bothered waiting around for my nails to dry and then they get smudged after all my hard work! When I want to treat myself, I always head straight for my favourite nail salon near where I live to get my nails in shape.

    Since I started working in the corporate world, I find I've regularly been getting Shellac. It has literally been my saviour at times! When I am racing about for work in the morning, it's one less thing I have to worry about. My nails literally stay chip-free for up to three weeks and because they constantly have a barrier of protection, my nails have never felt stronger.

    With the wide range of colours, I always spend the longest time pondering what colour I should choose! The above colour is what I'm currently wearing on my nails and is one I reach for frequently when I can't seem to make up my mind. Even though we are in the middle of summer and 'Masquerade' is typically more an autumn/winter hue, I just love how chic it is and it's a bonus that it literally goes with just about everything I wear!

    { Do you like Shellac? If you do, I would love to know your favourite colours! }

    January 16, 2013

    Random Snippets of my Past Week

    Gorgeous Roberto Cavalli's - gifted from my lovely boss
    Some weekend arm candy
    One of many morning skinny lattes
    A new favourite (somewhat) healthy dessert option
    We finally have bricks!!

    Hope you're all having a great week! 


    Instagram: styleinstinct

    January 14, 2013

    Rimmel Stay Matte | My New Favourite Setting Powder

    I came across Rimmel's Stay Matte Powder about two weeks ago when I was on the lookout for a setting powder that didn't leave my face cakey/ghost-like, just natural looking. I'm usually so busy at work that I never get the chance to stop and touch up my face, so I really needed a product that would last majority of the working day. I have only ever been a fan of Rimmel's lipsticks so I wasn't expecting much but was more than happy to try given the price point.


    I love how lightweight and silky it goes on, it really feels like a high end powder worth about triple the price. This powder has really been put to the test with our 40 degree heat and humidity lately, and given that it promises 5 hours of natural shine control, I would definitely say that it delivers beyond that.

    I'm so impressed with it so I just had to share! I will definitely be re-purchasing :)

     Here's the proof - completely shine free after a long day!

    *Let me know if you purchase this product and how you like it! Also, can anyone recommend a pink toned/matte blush that they're loving at the moment? I've nearly gone through both my Nars in Orgasm and Deep Throat and want to try something new. Thanks so much in advance!!


    January 8, 2013

    My Fairytale Bedroom Furniture

    This post is a bit out of the ordinary to my normal posts but an exciting part of my life at the moment is that we are in the process of building our home! Rather than bore you with slab pictures, I thought I would share our recent big purchase for the new master bedroom.

    Like I love statement jewellery and accessories, I love statement pieces for the home as well. For the longest time we have been searching for a luxurious looking bed but haven't been able to find anything that suited both of our tastes (if I had my way, I would have something √† la Lisa Vanderpump, however the boyfriend didn't approve), until one day we popped into Domayne and came across the below.

    So in love! 

    *Credit: Domayne

    It fitted both our tastes perfectly, wasn't too feminine nor masculine. Even better, the classic design will last a good few years. 


    And then...we saw these. Now one thing I did get my way on was the mirrored furniture. I have been on the search for the perfect set for over two years and haven't be able to find one at a reasonable price point and of good quality. Until we found the below, so we got 1 set for either side + the matching drawers below. 

    Being a bargain hunter of course, we ended up getting a great deal on the four pieces! I'm so happy that we were able to find our entire set under the one roof. It's always the way isn't it, that you end up finding something when you least expect it! 

    For my friends in Australia who may be interested in any of the above, all these pieces are available from Domayne.

    Hope you're all having a great start to the week! 


    January 5, 2013

    A Few Summer Purchases

    | Diva |
    | Drop Earrings: Forever New | All the rest:  Diva | 
     | iPhone Cases: Diva |
      | Forever New |
    | Forever New |

    Happy Saturday! Here are a few accessories and shoes I've bought recently. For my friends in Australia, make sure you check out Forever New's awesome further 50% off sale! I'm in there that often that one store in particular comments that I'm back every time I walk in - haha. So happy with all my lucky finds :)

    P.s I joined instagram! I'm so addicted already. My username is style instinct if you would like to keep up with what I'm up to. 

    Have a great day!

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