January 28, 2012

Blueberry & Raspberry Lemon Drop Scones & NOTD!

If you follow me on Twitter you would have seen me post about the most delicious scones that I baked after seeing Tiffany's post over at I am Styleish. Seriously, BEST SCONES EVER! 

If you know me, I hardly cook. I'm pretty lucky that I have a boyfriend who actually enjoys cooking (and is extremely good at it!) so there has never been any reason for me to be in the kitchen. I can follow a recipe no problem, and if I put my mind to it then I can cook a pretty decent meal, but most of the time I just get frustrated with it and end up causing a lot of mess - using every pot and pan in the house haha! I do, however, occasionally like baking and I had an urge for it the other day when I came home from uni. I had a bit of a tough day and baking is a bit of a stress reliever for me, like it is for many others. 

It honestly was the easiest recipe ever! If I can do it...trust me so can you!

Mixing the wet ingredients with the dry. I followed Tiffany's  instructions and used light natural yoghurt instead of Lemon Yoghurt (because I didn't have it) and to also cut down on the butter. 

Mixing it all together! The recipe calls for just blueberries but I had a mixed bag of both berries so I thought more the merrier! 

SO YUMMY! I  went a bit OTT on the lemon glaze but it made it even yummier! These scones would have to be so incredibly light and healthy. I've definitely bookmarked the recipe for next time! 

You Can Check out the Recipe HERE

Little Minnie Moo helping her Mummy bake! She thought I was cooking something for her and Ava so she stood by me the entire time haha. What can I say...she loves her food - just like her Mum! 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

NOTD (Nails of the Day)

A bit random adding my new nail colour to this post but oh well - thought you might like to see! I received this nail polish in one of my Secret Santa gifts, from the best Secret Santa ever (Thanks Melinda!) I hadn't tried this colour before but I knew from looking at the bottle that I would love it. You can't see clearly from the photos but it has a bit of a shimmery glaze to it - so pretty! 

The colour is OPI:           "PERU-B-RUBY"

If I don't speak to you beforehand - HAPPY WEEKEND! 
p.s if any of you bake the scones, let me know! 



  1. These look so so yummy I need to try them out!



  2. Que bonito blog, de verdad esta genial, y lleno de inspiraciĆ³n!
    Espero que te pases por mi blog y me digas que te parece: iratzemoran.blogspot.com .

  3. lovely nail colour.

    the scones look sooo delicious!


  4. looks delicious (:



  5. Those scones look delicious! I am going to try them this weekend.


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