December 27, 2011

My 2012 Goals

HELLO! Long time no speak!

Well Christmas has officially been done and dusted and we are moving onto the new year. I hope you all had a lovely day, spending time with family and friends, getting loads of nice presents, and eating lots of yumminess.  I did exactly all of that, and quite frankly...I'm still eating all the yumminess around me! Christmas time is so hard to be good isn't it?! I have no self control, if we have chocolate or lollies in the house...I will eat them. That is why I do not buy any junk food in our house, if my boyfriend wants chocolate biscuits then I ask him to hide them, because like I said...I will eat them! No self control... 

Anyway! I got the most amazing Christmas presents. I was so shocked at the amount my parents and boyfriends parents bought so lucky and grateful. I wasn't expecting much since this was the first year I was out of home living in my own place, now officially a 'grown up'. 

So we are officially coming into the new year and I always think its a great idea to write down goals of things you want to achieve throughout the year.  I'm quite excited for what 2012 will bring - I will officially graduate. FINALLY is all I can say!

2010 brought many exciting things...

- Visited the US for the first time.
- Turned 21. 
- My boyfriend and myself bought our first house together.
- We bought 2 amazing little girls, Ava & Minnie. We love them so much.
- I got an invitation to do my Honours at university.
- My boyfriend received an amazing promotion at work, he is the youngest person in his position in the whole company! So proud of him.
- I lost 6 kgs!

So my goals for 2012 are ~

- Officially reach my goal weight. I have been doing Weight Watchers for a few months now but this last month I have fluttered about a bit with my exercise. I have maintained my weight perfectly but just can't seem to lose those lost few kilos. 2012 is the year I will be the lightest I have been in a long time! No excuses, I have officially put this on my blog so I have to achieve it lol!

- I will work my butt of at university. This coming semester I will be doing 2 classes during the Summer holidays and then 5 classes in my last semester at university. It is going to be a tough/stressful last 6 months at university, but I know if I put my mind to it I will do it. 

- I will stop stressing the small stuff! I am a total worrier and stress head. I always want to please people and I care what people think of me. But in 2012 this will be out the window, WHO CARES is my new motto, this is my life.

- Live each day like its my last because you never know what might happen.

- HOPEFULLY, MAYBE, travel to a new country. We are thinking Hong Kong, I've always wanted to visit there.

- Continue working practically full time hours while I am studying. It can be done and I will do it...It will pay off, it will pay off!

- Hopefully start the processes of my business idea. We will see, it all depends on certain things! 

- Last but not least, get into some sort of blog schedule. Lets aim for 3-4 posts a week! 

So there we are! You all have to keep me to my goals since I have posted them on here :) TELL ME, what are your goals for 2012?


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