September 27, 2011

UPDATED: Jewellery Organisation

One of the most popular posts on my blog is the way I organise my jewellery. You can see my previous post here. I thought I would do an updated version because I have totally stopped using the cork board, that silly thing kept falling down as I bought more necklaces and since moving into a new home I wanted a more grown up version.

On the Left: Long Gold Necklaces
On the Right: Long Silver Necklaces

On the Left: Short Gold Necklaces
On the Right: Short Silver Necklaces

Ta-da!! This is my new way of hanging my necklaces. It may not be the fanciest/prettiest technique but I honestly just needed something that could withstand the weight of my growing collection. I was in Bunnings with my boyfriend one weekend and spotted these metal hooks and I instantly knew they would be perfect for my necklace collection.

 I'm still using the jewellery tree and the jewellery box I had shown in my previous post

But I've started using a little crystal plate and extra jewellery stand to place more delicate things and items I use most often.

So there we go! Like I said, not the fanciest way to organise but it definitely has helped me keep my jewellery organised. I love having all my necklaces there in my closet near all my clothes, it makes getting ready so easy and fun!

September 26, 2011

Shoe Fairy Please Come Visit Me

Need I say more? I die!!!

 These were made for me, weren't they?

Miu Miu 2011 Fall Collection. Priced at $650. 

September 25, 2011

A Little Ramble + September Favourites!

Hello to my new followers!!! I hope you enjoyed my first video on the YouTube bandwagon! I loved making it, so much fun! Thanks so much to those that commented/subscribed :)

Today I had to get up early (Sunday) to take the little one to puppy school. Some of you may have saw my little rant I had on Twitter regarding the dog trainer. If not, I'll tell you the story. So basically we get to puppy school and Ava has graduated into the basic class from the puppy class. So the first trick the trainer wants all the dogs in Ava's class to do is 'Puppy Pushups'. I knew as soon as he said that it meant she would have to drop to the floor, which she doesn't do. 

If you haven't seen any pictures of Ava, she is a 6 month old Pomeranian weighing 1.8kgs. Her body is literally 4-5 inches from the floor, she is tiny. I went ahead and never said anything, knowing Ava would just sit there and drop her head because she can't 'drop' to the floor, she basically is at the floor standing! The trainer then comes round and I say to him jokingly, "Ava won't drop, she doesn't like getting her fur wet" and he looked at me in disgust and said "She will, that's no excuse, keep trying". Yep so I kept trying, still nothing. 

He then stops the class and looks directly at me and says "When people say to me "My dog won't drop because she doesn't like wet grass, I tell them, Your dog is a princess, and you have made her like that. It's you that doesn't want her to get her hair wet." 

I looked at him like :O !! He was a total little dog hater. Can he not see that she cannot realistically drop to the floor, there is no need for her to do that. 

Yes, I admit, Ava is spoilt and we do treat her like a little princess but this guy was just so out of line! We have been training her to do this since she was 10 weeks old. Gosh, anyway, You know when someone says something out of line to you and you just stand there in shock then go home and be like, "Uh, I should have said that to him!" Yeah that was me all day! Ha! 

Okay so enough of my little story. If you have got to this point, wow thanks! I know I ramble :)

          Today I made Sugar Cookies (Weight Watcher approved, of course! And only 122 Calories :) ) for my study group at uni. 

And I had time to make an early September Favourites video!!!


P.s. It would mean so much to me if you could rate/comment/subscribe :)

Happy Monday Everyone!

September 22, 2011




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